This collaboration from independent designers and the Berroco design team shows off the versatility of Berroco Remix (17st) and Berroco Remix Light (22st) yarns. These machine-washable, wool-free yarns are recycled from garment industry pre-consumer waste, and work in any kind of knitting or crochet pattern beautifully. You'll love making and wearing these pieces!

Urban Yarns currently carries only Berroco Remix Light (22st). For patterns intended for Berroco Remix (17st), try any of the following as substitutes, being sure to gauge swatch in case you need to adjust your needle size:


This is a print copy of the 15-pattern book. Click on the images above for pattern name and yarn used. View pattern specifications or purchase PDFs of individual patterns on Ravelry or the Berroco website.

Berroco Portfolio Vol. 5


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