Are you ready for an autumn full of wonderful knits? Gorgeous sweaters, cosy shawls and beautiful accessories. 
Laine Magazine's Autumn 2021 issue, Hav, is a beauty photographed near Helsinki by the sea (hav is Swedish for sea). This issue features 13 knitting patterns from 11 designers around the world: Alma Bali, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Luuanne Chau, Kristin Drysdale, Claudia Eisenkolb, Fabienne Gassmann, Tamy Gore, Dee Hardwicke, Claudia Quintanilla, Jeanette Sloan and Jutta Turunen
In addition to the patterns, the issue includes an interview with Judit Gummlich, an article about mYak, an article about the Parkano Spinning Mill in Finland and an article about how crafting can increase social well-being by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro. And of course, there will be a column by our regular columnist Jeanette Sloan, wonderful seasonal recipes, book reviews and the Laine Favourites section.

The yarn and needle requirements for each pattern in this issue can be found here on Ravelry, but for now these patterns are only available in this hard copy collection.

Laine Magazine No. 12

Laine Publishing

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